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How To Clean Your Roof During Springtime

As the harsh winter makes way for better weather, the sun is out, and spring brings in joy along with a truckload of work. It starts with the spring cleaning and roof inspection. Winters and shingles do not get along well and the only way to protect your roof is to have it cleaned.

While there are professionals who do the job for you, you can take care of some basic stuff yourself. Here's a how-to guide to spring cleaning your roof.

Survey: You might be tempted to take that ladder and climb up the roof, but it is a better idea to inspect the roof visually from down below. You need to look for any debris, blockages, and other signs of damage. Use a pair of binoculars if you must. Climbing without a visual inspection first can be a safety hazard. If you find anything out of place or something that can't be fixed by yourself it is a good idea to contact a roofing contractor.

Inspect: If you pass the visual survey stage and use that ladder, exercise caution and do not immediately climb up the roof. Take a moment to inspect the roof surface with your eyes and look for any missing shingles or other damage such as curling or buckling, or even blisters on the surface of the roof. These all point to the shingles being past their prime and in need of a replacement. This is when you call a roofing contractor.

Debris removal: Winter months often lead to neglect of the roof and there may be some debris accumulation on the rooftop. If you can safely do so, remove debris such as branches, twigs, dry leaves, pine cones, etc. This is also when you spot mildew or mold or other algae which may harm the roofing material leading to leaks in the future.

While you are conducting a visual survey or inspection, besides looking at what is already on the roof, have a good look around and analyze what else may impact the roof. This could be some overhanging tree branches which may harm the shingles or cause mold or mildew on the rooftop. Get repairs done if the water-flow through the gutters is not smooth and get any leakages fixed while you still can.

If you need any roofing-related help or have any queries contact us at All Stars Roofing.

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