All You Need To Know About Torch Down Roofing

Roofing styles and materials vary from building to building. One kind of roofing which you may come across often is torch down roofing. But what exactly is torch down roofing and why is it done? Our blog post explores this and more. Torch on or torch down roofing is a kind of roofing in which modified bitumen (asphalt along with rubber or plastic) sheets are burnt or torched onto the surface of a roof with the help of a propane torch. The heat generated by the torch ensures the bitumen roofing material to the roof surface and seals the layers together, in the process creating a waterproof surface.

Why are torch down roofs beneficial to homeowners?

Torch down roofs which use modified bitumen bear climate extremities well. They may expand with snow or rain and contract with heat but will not get damaged in the process. In other words they can withstand fluctuating temperatures with ease. Torch down roofing is quite common especially for flat roofed houses. The sturdiness and weatherproofing of your roof comes from a variety of elements of torch down roofing including insulation, vapour barrier, asphalt or adhesive, overlay boards, base flashing, cap sheets, base sheets, and cap flashing.

Let us now move on to how each of these components help your roof. Insulation is the first thing needed to maintain temperatures inside the house, especially when the weather turns. Vapour barriers help in avoiding problems such as condensation and related issues such as mildew or mould due to high moisture. Cap sheets are applied to base sheets which are the first layer of bitumen and are applied to the overlay boards which help in levelling the surface on which the torch down roofing membrane is adhered. Flashing is done on roof parts like vents, HVAC etc. Due to all the above stated factors torch down roofing is basically quite durable and weather resistant. That they also provided protection from UV damage is an added advantage.

If you are planning to get torch down roofing and are interested in two-layer modified bitumen, do reach out to us at All Stars Roofing.