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How To De-Ice The Roof

It is not unusual to spot ice formations on your roof post a storm in the winter. You may be aware that these pretty-looking things are dangerous for the structure of your house and should be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid any damage to the roof. Removal of Ice Dams To deal with ice formations you should first conduct a visual survey of the roof to know where most of the ice formations are. The areas you need to check include the downspouts, edges, gutters, etc. After knowing where the bulk ice formations are, you could use a tool called a snow rake to remove the ice. The snow rake helps scrape off the accumulated snow and should be used in a downward swipe. But it is advisable to not use a ladder while using a snow rake to avoid a fall. Standing on the surface of the roof should be avoided for the same reasons while using a snow rake. Though this can be a DIY thing it is advisable to take help from trusted roofing companies who are better equipped and trained to do this job for you. Use An Ice Pick If you do not have a snow rake you could also use an ice pick to scrape off the snow. To use this tool you may need to use a ladder to reach far-out areas of the roof where ice dams have formed. To ensure your safety, rest the ladder against a solid surface to prevent any falls or mishaps. The ice pick can be used to reach the downspouts and getters. Ice dams often chip or crack so one needs to be careful while using an ice pick to avoid any injuries. Application of Ice-melting chemicals Your local hardware stores or house-supply stores also stock ice-melting products. These can be used to melt away the ice and are available in the form of crystals or a tablet. All you need to do is sprinkle them on surfaces where ice dams have formed. Alternatively, warm water sprays can also be used to de-ice the roof. Armed with the basics of de-icing your roof, you can ensure your house is safe from structural damage. If you need any help or information about de-icing the roof, write to us at All Stars Roofing.

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