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Know the Best Time To Replace Your Roof

You may want a roof replacement if it has started leaking and is too old to repair, has been damaged by a storm, or ice dams have started forming, if the shingles are falling off or curling, all these factors most likely warrant a roof replacement. Roof replacement is a major task and you need to take the weather into consideration. Roof replacement needs time, money, and attention.

A simple answer to the 'when' in question is that Spring to Summertime is the best time to replace your roof. But most homeowners wake up in Fall and decide they want to replace their roof or in the dreaded winter, they will be left with a home that is not adequately protected from weather factors. For roofers, fall is a busy season. So unless you have a roof replacement scheduled for Fall beforehand, it is likely that you will face long waiting times and by the time your turn comes, it will already be winter.

Spring is again a busy time for roofers as by now homeowners are aware of the damage caused to their roof in the winter season due to ice dams, ice build-up in downspouts and gutters, attic Condensation, or leaks and creaks in the roof. Springtime is ideal to get your roof replaced as the weather is still bearable and if you book your roofers in advance you will get the first booking advantage as well as the better weather advantage.

Summer is a not-so-busy time for roofers, and hence if getting your roof replaced is a last-minute decision or an emergency situation, you may not have to face long waiting times to get it replaced. Summer is a good time for roofers to properly assess any weather-related damage and install new roofs.

Winters in Canada are harsh and hence not ideal to get your roof replaced. Some roofers may, however, take up the job in winter, provided they are not Asphalt shingles as they cannot be installed in winter. There is no such problem if your want other material such as mental installed, and if the weather is not too harsh at that moment.

All in all, get a roof inspection if you get the slightest hint that something is wrong with your roof. If it has been long since the roof installation and it is due, get it done anyway. If you think your roof needs a replacement due to other reasons, plan and book ahead with your roofer to avoid trouble during tough weather such as harsh winter.

If you need a roof replacement, contact us at All Star Roofing in Burlington, Ontario.

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