When Should You Replace Skylights?

Having a skylight on your roof is advantageous in many ways. Firstly you get natural light in your room making the house look spacious and a happy place. It is no secret that a home which has skylights has a better property value than those which don't. Your electricity bills also come down as with natural lights you don't need to switch on lights in day time. But like the entire structure of the house which needs repair every now and then, skylights are different. They may get damaged or need repairs over time. But there are some telltale signs which tell us when exactly we need a skylight replacement. Here are a few of them:

Discoloration: With wear and tear the skylights become dull and discolored. It simply means your skylights have worn down with age. You know they are discoloured when they develop a yellow tint and not enough natural light passes through them into the house.

Glass crack: With debris from wind and other natural factors such as hailstones, the glass on the skylights may develop cracks. They look bad and there is a possibility of rainwater passing through these cracks and into your home. In such cases an immediate repair or replacement is required.

Ageing: Though the life cycle of skylights varies, on an average it will do you good if you replace them every 10 years. It is a high probability that they would start developing minor cracks and yellowish tints by then.

Fogging: Fogging is a major issue and so is sweating. This means the sealant has a problem. If it happens you need an immediate repair or replacement or come rain and the roof shall start leaking.

Armed with this information you are better poised to judge when the skylights need a repair. You can get in touch with professionals accordingly.

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