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Why Should You Hire All Stars Roofing?

In the era of cutting-edge competition among roofing service providers, we at All Stars Roofing stand tall as we are Baeumler Approved. Baeumler picks only the best contractors across Canada and that speaks for the quality of our work. As Baeumler Approved members we have committed to honesty, integrity, and quality service by signing their code of conduct. Being a member of the Baeumler Approved Program is a feather in our cap due to the stringent selection process. Our great past track record, as well as previously satisfied customers, helped us achieve this membership as Baeumler speaks directly with our previous customers to get a lowdown about our work quality as well as the level of service along with pricing, communication, and other factors. They also have a word with companies we have collaborated with and ensure that we are safety compliant. Our online presence is verified through referrals, testimonials, and complaints lodged against potential members. As per the Baeumler Approved standards, we have the required active liability insurance coverage. All other workers’ compensation requirements and professional certification requirements are also met.

How do homeowners benefit?

Homeowners who hire us for the first time can be rest assured we are:

Trustworthy: Baeumler connects them with only those companies who have an impressive previous track record.

Education: Homeowners know what to look for and ask when hiring.

Compare: They can get quotes from multiple sources before hiring us.

Connect: They can hire us in their area i.e. Mississauga, Oakville in particular.

As per the Baeumler Approved code of conduct, we treat our customers and their property with respect. We provide fair and reasonable quotes. We keep our customers up-to-date with the progress of the undertaken project. We follow all applicable laws. Our employees are trained for safety. Above all, we complete our work to meet the best professional standards.

If you wish to know more about our Baeumler Approved status or wish to hire us for any of our roofing services, contact All Stars Roofing.

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