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How To Prepare Your Roof For Fall

Roof maintenance keeps your house protected and the roof leak-free. It also keeps any other roofing problems at bay. It is all the more important to have roof maintenance when your roof is functioning just fine to avoid any future roofing issues. Roof maintenance during fall is pivotal to having a strong roof and simple steps can ensure that. Take the maintenance steps before the first snowfall so you can save any headaches during fall and winter. Here are some things you can do: Check for debris Check the roof for any junk, rubble, or debris big or small. It may be just twigs or leaves or some bigger stuff but all of them need to be removed from the roof so that they don't build up over a period of time and cause damage to the roof. Cleaning of gutters A lot of debris and junk gets trapped in the gutters, more so during the rainy season. This debris must be cleaned and any leaves and grime must be removed from the gutters. You could use a plumber's snake or spatula to remove this junk. Removal of any hanging overhead branches is strongly recommended too as they cause debris to accumulate. Install gutter guards Once the gutter is cleaned you could install gutter guards to prevent debris from entering the gutter in the future. When it snows during winter, it can block the gutters, and gutter guards prove immensely helpful at that time. Look for signs of damage As part of the roof maintenance before fall, you should inspect the roof for any problems or damages and work on fixing them ASAP. Some of the problems that may need your attention are leaks, cracked plastic vents on the roof, broken beams, missing kick-out flashing, missing gutter apron, hail damage, vent flashing failure, etc. Look for any leakage While preparing for maintenance for fall, do a thorough check of the roof for any leaks. If you don't detect these minor issues now they are likely to become bigger during the winter when it snows. Additionally, the task of getting these repaired will fall on your head. The time to act is now! Attic insulation The weather turns in a flash and it is cold before you even blink, so make sure your attic is insulated against the weather. You could use spray foam or mineral wool insulate for the same. If you face any problems with the maintenance of your roof, do not hesitate to contact All Stars Roofing.

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