Three Roofing Upgrades You Must Consider

Getting roofing done afresh? It is one of the greatest things you can do to increase the value and life of your home. Roofing is always about functionality, but with modern means and materials, it can be made to look well too. So when you have made up your mind for re-roofing, be on the lookout for features and materials that would enrich and support the rest of your home and while doing so also look out for added features that will help regulate internal temperature of the house as well as in ventilation. Here are some thoughts: Go for low-maintenance gutters: Every roofer will tell how quintessential gutters are to your roofing. This is mainly because they help in channelling the water thereby protecting the structure of your home from rain and water damage. Gutters that were used in yesteryears were more prone to clogging and hence required maintenance. New age guttering systems are improvised and don't usually cause problems such as leaking and clogging. They also come in a lot of colour options to pick from so you can match the roofline. Pick energy-efficient shingles: Shingle roofs, though traditional, keep your home protected for a long, long time. Modern day shingles are advantageous as they come in a lot of textures as well as colours which are a delight for all homeowners as they can now pick one that matches their home and preferences. We suggest you opt for reflective shingles if your home is in a particularly sunny area. The surface of reflective shingles reflects the rays of the sun and can reduce cooling costs. Opt for better roof ventilation: Those attics which are not well-ventilated can be scorching hot during summer times. This makes the rooms heated up as well. If you want to keep your home overall cooler, ensure those whom you hire for your roofing needs, install ridge vents all through the top of the roof. These allow air into the attic. Additionally, you may need gable vents which help in better airflow. With these small changes you can ensure your air conditioning bills don't shoot up. If you are considering re-roofing and need help, reach out to us at All Stars Roofing in Burlington, Greater Toronto Area.