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What are Soffits & Why Are They Important?

If you are getting any changes done to the external structure of your home you are like to encounter the word Soffit. Soffits play as small but significant and varied roles as far as your roof is concerned - right from how your roof looks to even keeping your power bills from soaring high. Soffit literally means something which is fixed underneath. The roof of houses most; ly extend over the walls and the overhand is known as rafters or eaves or house eaves. The underside of these rafters which gives a proper finished look to your house is called a soffit. It is the finishing material such as fiber cement or wood under the roof overhang. Why are soffits required for the house? The practicality: The biggest reason to have soffits installed is for ventilation as by covering the roof overhang, they also cover the attic partly. When heat builds up inside the attic, it needs airflow or your roof will be superheated leading to the breakage of shingles quicker than usual. It can even lead to the formation of ice dams which can eventually cause leaks during winter. Moreover, your energy bills shoot up due to an overheated attic. Other problems such as mold, mildew, and wood rot can also occur if the soffit doesn't provide ventilation which can lead to humidity and therefore these problems. Naturally, soffits also protect the underside of the roof from natural elements such as rain, snow, and shine. The aesthetics: How your house looks is important too. Soffits give that 'finished appearance' to the external structure of the house. They come in diverse materials and various colours and styles. What needs to be done is to match the soffits to the rest of the house for an even and sophisticated look. You could opt for perforated or vented soffits to have a well-circulated attic. If you need more information on soffits or have any queries, write to us at All Stars Roofing in Burlington, Ontario.

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