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3 Signs Your Flat Roof Needs Replacement

Flat roofs add a uniquely modern look to any building, and as such, have gained much popularity over the last few decades. However, despite this clear aesthetic benefit, they do have their pitfalls—one of which is their susceptibility to damage. Unfortunately, this can lead to speedy deterioration, weakening the architectural integrity of your home as a whole.

If you’ve got a flat roof, inspect it for the following three issues: if any of them are apparent, you should consider a roof replacement.

1. Pooling

The most common issue with flat roofs is the pooling of water. When installed properly, your “flat” roof should have a slight pitch to assist with rainwater runoff: if pooling is a problem, this could signal that it’s time to replace it.

2. Rips and tears

Over its lifetime, your flat roof may develop tears and holes in its base material—something that is more commonly seen along the seams. Extensive damage in this location could suggest that other areas of the roof are close to structural failure, meaning that replacement is required imminently.

3. Leaking with no visible damage

Certain roofing materials, like gravel and tar, make it difficult to find and repair leak-inducing holes in your flat roof. If your roof is constructed as such, you might want to make the switch to another substance.

Of course, you should always contact an expert to determine the exact needs of your home. If you have a flat roof that you’d like professionally examined, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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