Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing Gutter Guards

Gutters are quintessential to the structure of your home as they protect the foundation of your home by keeping the water away from the base of your home. Not only this, they also prevent erosion. If the gutters of your home are clogged they pose an even bigger threat to your home and cleaning them has time and again proven to be an uphill task. To prevent the gutters from being clogged, gutter guards are a great option as they are made in a way that they keep junk or waste and even small animals away from your gutters and ensure that the water flows away from the home. The question naturally arises if you should get gutter guards installed. Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of having gutter guards. Advantages of gutter guards

  • A persisting problem with gutters is that they become a natural place for pests, rodents, and birds to make their abode. Gutter guards prevent this from happening.

  • Cleaning the gutters often is a given if you don't have gutter guards. Installing them will reduce the frequency at which you need to clean your gutters thus reducing a lot of headache and saving a lot of time.

  • Gutter guards can easily be fitted to an existing gutter and their installation doesn't take up a lot of your time.

  • Gutter guards keep your gutters from being clogged and hence the problem stagnant water is done away with. This in turn prevents mosquitoes and bugs which tend to breed in stagnant water.

  • Gutter guards enable prolonging the life of gutters as with no stagnant water the metal won't erode as quickly.

Disadvantages of gutter guards

  • Installation of gutter guards is an expensive proposition and the expense increases with the size of your home. But they do relieve you of a lot of trouble and further expenses towards cleaning or replacing gutters often.

  • Some gutter guards are prone to formation of ice so choose your gutter guards wisely.

  • Gutter guards only help in de-clogging the gutters for a while. You will ultimately need to get gutters cleaned sooner or later.

  • Uncleaned gutter guards can turn any trapped seeds into trees as some plants grow at a faster rate so watch out!

Armed with this info, you can use gutter guards in a better way. If you need help with gutter guards contact All Stars Roofing.