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Advantages Of Hiring A GAF Master Elite-Certified Roofer

All of us look for the best contractors when it comes to our house. Roofing work is no different. So what defines a good roofing contractor? He is someone who knows all the little details of the work and the new developments in the industry. If your contractor is a certified one it means he has taken the required training to install your roof and its allied services. A GAF Master Elite Certified Contractor is one that meets the GAF standards and means has gone through a stringent screening process as well as training. He or she meets the best industry standards and would have obtained his certification. So why must you hire a GAF certified contractor?

1. Golden pledge warranty: GAF Master Elite-certified professionals are the only people who can give you a golden pledge warranty, which is the gold standard in the roofing industry. This warranty is crucial as it ensures you get the best service and quality from the professional. It is also better than what a non-GAF certified professional may extend to you.

2. Stringent evaluations: GAF Master Elite-certified professionals go through a number of stringent evaluations before they get their certification. Apart from providing the highest possible quality of service, they also are ethical. They also review the trustworthiness of each and every contractor, whether it is their financial standing, or their credit history. This way you are less likely to be cheated by these professionals.

3. A life-long promise: GAF Master Elite-certified professionals come with a life-long promise i.e. they are required to take training every now and then for their certification to hold valid. So opting to hire a GAF Master Elite-certified professional gives you the surety that they are in the know of the latest technologies and applications being used in the industry.

Only 2% of roofing companies in North America are master elite. From your end what you need to look at as a customer is that you must ask for GAF Master Elite-certified professionals and not someone who is just GAF Certified.

All Stars Roofing Inc. is proud to be GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor. Should you require roofing and allied services do not hesitate to get in touch.

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