All You Need To Know About Fascia and Soffit Replacement

You may have heard of the terms fascia and soffit, and may already be aware that they are related to your roof, but what exactly are they? Soffit is a finishing material which is made of wood and runs along the underside of your roof. They are responsible for providing ventilation to your home so that the internal temperature is regulated. Soffits also protect the home by plugging the gap between the eaves-through and the roof. Fascia on the other hand is the board on the side of the overhang and the roof which helps in the 'finishing' of roofing. Fascia boards are actually the horizontal pieces covering the area between the soffit and the roof. Wooden roof rafters usually have fascia installed to protect rain or snow damage to the home. Fascia acts as a block between the roof edge and external factors capable of causing damage such as rainwater. It also renders a smooth appearance to the edge of the roof. Giving strength to the roof, fascia provides essential support to the eavestrough to help drain the water away from the house in a proper manner. Together, fascia and soffit provide thorough protection to the interior of the house. Installation of eavestrough, soffit, as well as fascia is quintessential to protect the home against harsh weather conditions. To prevent roof and shingles from damage, fascia and soffit are needed. These two could get badly damaged due to snow damming. This usually happens due to a commonplace problem of improper installation which in turn causes problems such as flashing. And improper flashing leads to ventilation issues of the roof including paint peeling off, bad insulation, rotting wood, and sometimes even mold. All this cannot reiterate enough how important these two components are for the safety of your roof. So naturally, the question arises when and how do you judge if the fascia and soffit need to be replaced? You need to get these replaced in case you notice a leak in the roof or see wood that is rotting. The fascia may appear as if it is in need of painting as some areas may look discoloured and the paint may be peeling off. If small animals or reptiles and pests are entering your home often, that is also a sign of damage. In case you are getting your roof replaced you may also consider getting a fascia, soffit, as well as gutter replacement along with. It might seem like an added cost then but will save you from a big headache in the future. If you are considering getting fascia, soffit, and gutters replaced, do contact us at All Stars Roofing in Burlington, Ontario.