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All You Need To Know About Roofing In Winter

When the weather turns and cold descends, roofing work all over the country hits a low. But from the point of view of homeowners, there are a fair bit of questions that come to mind about roofing or repair work on roofs in winter months. To answer the question of whether roofing or repair work on roofs can be carried out in winter months one has to dig deeper into the weather conditions and the area one is living in. New technology means that shingles can be installed in cold weather as well. Earlier shingles could only be installed when the temperature was 40 degrees or more. But the requirements for temperature haven't dropped as sharply as you may think. Shingles can still be prone to breakage during installation when the temperatures are low. The solution lies in thawing the shingles or warming them right before installation because the cold shingles may give in if there is a bend. The method: It could be a sunny day during the winter season when roofing is being done. Once the old roof is torn off and the underlayment is installed, the shingles are placed on the roof - when this is done the shingles get warmed up in the sun. In this way, shingles become pliable and can be installed in a smooth manner. Other factors: Besides the shingles, there are some other factors that need to be taken into consideration while installing roofs in winter. The weather has a direct impact on the exterior of the home. If the roof is dry enough and not wet due to snow from the previous few days the roofing can be done. Roofers also look for snow or rain forecast. If the forecast is clear they usually go ahead with the installation. Why do you want roofing in winter? A homeowner may want to replace the roof in winter for two reasons: 1. There is an emergency there needs to be addressed such as leakage or other damage to the roof 2. They are new to Canada and are not aware roofing is best done in warmer season 3. They know the challenges of winter roofing and still plan for the roof to be replaced. The solutions If emergencies and roof replacement can wait till temperatures rise then one must wait it out. If the emergency is such that is not addressed, it can cause greater damage to the structure of the house in later months and become more costly for the homeowner, roof repairs or replacement must be carried out in winter. New homeowners or newcomers to Canada are usually guided by roofing experts about the pros and cons of roofing before taking on the job. If you too have any queries or questions about roofing in winter or roofing in general, visit us at All Stars Roofing.

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