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Common Problems Found During Roofing Inspections

Inspecting of roofing help in roof maintenance and carry out necessary repairs as and when required. Inspections also prevent homeowners from big damages resulting in high monetary expenses if the smaller damages are checked in time. So as a homeowner, it is natural to wonder and worry about the kind of problems that you may be facing post these inspections. Here are some of the commonly detected ones.

Overgrowing Foilage

When plants, shrubs, and tree branches remain untrimmed, they touch the roof and cause shingles to wear away. Such overgrowing foliage can be harmful to the structure of your roof, especially if they break during storms and extreme weather conditions. To avoid such an issue, it is best to get the trees and foliage around your house trimmed from time to time.

Flashing issues

Flashings are metal pieces with the help of which the roof is made to be waterproof. Flashings help in ensuring that water doe not enter the house through cracks in seams or joints. If there is less flashing or some areas of the roof have been exposed then your roof is prone to water-related damages, especially in weather conditions such as hail or winds. In such cases, the roof can leak and tiles may even blow off during strong winds. Additionally, mould can occur too. When detected during inspections, flashing issues can be fixed before greater damage is caused.


Damages to the roof caused by animals and birds are commonplace too. Small birds and animals such as raccoons love any fault in your rood and can use these to store stuff or even sneak into the house, and in some cases defecate. It is best to keep them away for a sound house structure.

Ventilation issues

Ventilation is quintessential to your roof design. Vents help warm air to escape the attic and regulate the temerpature of the house. When your vents are well-placed the energy efficiency of the house is optimal. If any problem is detected during the inspection, it is best to get it fixed ASAP.

Storm damage and water pools

If your area was hit by a severe storm recently, it would do you good to inspect the roof yourself for any damages that can be detected visually. Additionally, recent rain can cause water pools to accumulate on the roof - these need to be tended to, to protect the structure of the house.

If you have any questions or concerns about inspections, their cost, duration et al, do not hesitate to contact All Stars Roofing in Burlington, Greater Toronto Area.

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