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Common Roof Leaks & How To Stop Them

Walking into your home and finding water dripping on your head can only mean one thing: A leak! You look up and find a watermark on the ceiling which has been browned due to constant water leakage from the roof, and are frozen with the consequences. Fret not, we got you covered.

Failure of the Pipe Boot: This one is the most common leak caused by a pipe failure. The boot here is a roof flashing surrounding the base of pipes and waterproofing them or stopping water from entering your home. A roofer may have used a boot of varying materials such as copper, plastic, lead, etc. Pipe boots have a limited life and can last around 10 years, depending on various factors such as usage, blockage, etc. To fix this leak, one needs to install a rubber collar on top of the old cracked pipe boot which will last you at least a decade more.

Roofing nails backfire: Yes that happens too when a nail in the roof comes out of a shingle. If the nail isn't driven deep enough or in the sides, the head of the nail will find its way back through the shingle. If it rains, water follows the nail right in. Look for nail heads on your roofing, if you happen to see one, chances of a leak a high. To repair such a leak, the roofer needs to be called in. He would break the seal on the shingle, lift it, pull the nail out, and drive it properly. In some cases, they reseal the shingle too.

Leakage through chimney: In the case of a brick chimney, the mortar joins can cause a leak, or else the metal flashing under shingles around the chimney can cause a leak too. All these can cause a leak in the house. Water can also get into the chimney siding causing the boards to rot. While these are visible, the boards behind the chimney can rot too. Such a leak will be around the fireplace. It can also happen inside the fireplace if it is caused by chimney caps. The roofer will help with this leak by reflashing the area around the chimney if it is from the flashing. Masonry water repellent is applied if the leak is from mortar joints. A leak in the siding is repaired by a carpenter. Chase top leaks can be repaired by a licensed chimney sweep company.

To know more about leak-related roof repairs, write to us at All Stars Roofing.

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