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Composite Roof Shingles Gain Popularity: What You Must Know

Composite roof shingles are being increasingly used but they are a fairly new addition compared to other roofing materials. So, a lot of homeowners are naturally curious about the composition and nature of composite roof shingles and want to know more about their material. Nature of composite roof shingles Homeowners must know that composite roof shingles are made from engineered polymer or even plastic and recycled rubber. The material your composite roof shingles are made of depends on who is manufacturing them. Some don't prefer the composite roof shingles made out of recycled materials due to the variation in the quality of these materials. So when buying them you must prod the manufacturer about the standard of quality they look at in their manufacturing. Composite shingles do have the advantage of being recyclable and that makes them an eco-friendly product. Durability Did you know that the impact rating of composite shingles is quite high? Some get the impression that because composite shingles are made using polymer or recycled materials they may be susceptible to breakage but this is not the case. In fact their composition from such materials actually adds to their durability and strength. In fact, the high impact rating is also suggestive of the fact that these shingles can bear extreme weather with ease, come hail or storm. Cedar and Slate look-a-likes Some homeowners prefer composite shingles because of their looks. If you are considering having them on your roof too, let us tell you that they actually look like real cedar shake or slate. Since composite slate are designed from real slate tiles and have the trademark chisel marks, they do give quite a genuine look. Shingles of composite cedar shake too have authentic grain patterns that make them look like the real ones. Most people can't make out the difference between the real ones and the composite ones. They do look quite elegant. So, if you are considering having composite roof shingles, they are indeed a great idea - a mix of durability and good looks. That ticks pretty much all boxes! Have any questions related to composite roof shingles? Do write to us at All Stars Roofing in Burlington, Greater Toronto Area.

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