Why should eavestroughs not be neglected?

Eavestroughs are responsible for drainage of water from the roof to the house and prevent any damage to the structure of your house. Your home may have come with a pre-installed eavestrough, what no one may tell you is why they need maintenance and why they shouldn't be neglected. If you maintain a schedule for your eavestrough cleaning it will help prevent any water-related damage to your house as they can get clogged very fast and lead to damage. To fix this damage is an expensive proposition. Structural damage to the home Eavestrough cleaning is needed in order to prevent damage to various parts of the home such as the roof, soffit, fascia, and even the foundation itself as they can become weak due to the pooling of water. This is not even the tip of the iceberg as once damaged, damages to these structures further spreads to the walls, ceilings, and floors. Top tip: If you see any structural damage to the home even when you get eavestroughs cleaned regularly, downspouts may be the culprit. Have them looked into! Pest and insects infestation Clogged eavestroughs are an attraction for all kinds of pests such as termites, cockroaches etc and insects as well, who like to feed on the build-up inside the eavestroughs. Pest and insect infestation can become a big headache for the homeowners if not controlled in a timely manner. Such infestation can cause heavy structural damage to the home and result in a lot of agony and totally avoidable expenditure. You may even need to call in an exterminator to help with the issue. All you have to do is ensure a schedule for cleaning of the eavestroughs to avoid such an occurrence. Damaged landscape The landscape near the home may also get affected if your eavestroughs get clogged. Water that is overflowing from the eavestroughs or seeping can alter the soil structure and damage the landscape surrounding the house. Flora such as bushes, flowers etc can also be damaged due to such overwatering. Such damage can lead to your pretty home looking like a nightmare and you must know that avoiding this is completely in your hands. To avoid any of the above said damages get your eavestroughs cleaned at least twice a year, once in spring and once in fall for their smooth functioning. If you have any questions about eavestroughs and their repairs write to us at All Stars Roofing.